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Guidewave offers a powerful suit of predictive social media analytics for financial forecasting, security, geopolitical analysis, and marketing.

Our technology tracks the psychological mood state of millions of people around the globe in real-time, organized by region, topic, and trend. Our easy-to-use dashboard and secure API provides real-time actionable information days ahead of the most important financial, social, political, economic, and cultural trends that shape tomorrow's markets and societies.

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Our story

19 billion communications per day from 2.5 billion people are telling you what’s happening in their world, right now. The psychological state of consumers and decision-makers will shape our future economy and markets. How can you make sense of it all? Let us help you leverage this wealth of information to minimize risk and optimize returns.

Guidewave was born from academic research in the midwest technology hub of Bloomington, Indiana. Our high performance algorithms and systems are based on academic research and state-of-the-art engineering. Our world-renowned team with decades of cumulative experience developed advanced patented algorithms that scan billions of social media messages to predict the trends that matter most to your business.

Our patented algorithms detect real-time changes in world-wide social mood to provide accurate early warning indicators to investors looking to minimize risk and optimize returns. Real-time, second-to-second early warning signals whose accuracy has been proven over years of academic research and extensive live testing deliver superior performance relative to benchmarks.

Our services

  • Interactive dashboard

    Updated every 30 seconds, 24/7! You can see real-time changes in global investor mood, overlay them with thousands of ticket symbols, predict major market trends days in advance, and do so by language, region, or nation. Great for currency traders!
  • Secure API

    A live, real-time feed straight from the Guidewave analytics engine allows you to integrate our suite of analytics solutions into your own services and tools.
  • Customized analytics services

    Customized analytics dashboard to keep track of millions of individuals across the globe in real-time so that you get more accurate and exhaustive information.

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